how does
it work?


You'll either choose a package or let me know which individual items you'd like designed, and once agreed will pay upfront for the design fees.

This means that later on when the designs are finished you can spread your print costs over time, as and when the items are needed.


We'll discuss what style/outcome you'd like for your stationery.

I like to ask clients to send me images of things they like as inspiration and I can use them as a guide of how you'd like yours to look. There is a whole bunch of ideas out there (Pinterest is your friend!) so get looking and don't be afraid to dream big – I'll do my best to accommodate your ideas!


I'll design some ideas for you to choose from, inspired by your chosen suggestions.

I always try and give some different variations of ideas you'd like to see, and throw in some bolder suggestions that I design using my experience – you might just like to see something you weren't expecting!


You'll choose a design to move forward with, allowing for a few changes here and there.

Now there is a danger of this stage taking forever so to keep within the tight wedding deadlines I usually allow for around 2-4 changes from my original design. This is flexible depending on what those changes are (some take longer than others!) but please take my professional advice if I say there isn't any need for more amendments!


Last but not least – the printing stage!

We'll then decide what finish you'd like for your stationery in terms of sizing, paper stock, envelopes, special finishes etc. I'll get them delivered to your door and you can start to get excited about your big day!